At Royal Beach Nursery there are many opportunities for children to explore and use their imagination to grow and learn throughout their time with us.  During the day, your child’s teacher will plan effective age and stage appropriate activities relating to a topic or theme of that week. Within this time, your child will have the chance to discover different areas around nursery, from building in the Lego room, to role-playing in our real life experience room or even having a quiet time exploring books in our library. Royal Beach Nursery has some fantastic areas for your little ones, including:



Each classroom has been designed with the British EYFS Curriculum constantly in mind. Within the EYFS there are 7 developmental areas, and it is important that our space created these learning areas for children to really be able to explore them in depth. We have literacy, maths, understanding of the world, expressive arts and design based areas and these have been implemented in a way that children can gain complete concentration and delve into the activity.

Outdoor Playing Area

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Royal Beach Nursery is one of very few nurseries within Dubai that offers a large and natural space for children to build on their physical development, gain more knowledge and understanding of the world and the natural environment and be able to have that essential fresh natural air that promotes well-being. We have created our outdoor space so that children are safe and stimulated. Our sensory garden and beautiful tree house has been a huge hit for our little ones too!

Large Soft Play Area

Helps children develop their fine motor skills by climbing over and under our soft play equipment, while having lots of fun with their friends in the ball pit.


Here children can enjoy a nice quiet story time with their teacher and friends, discovering books independently and learning how to take care of them.

Discovery Room

This is a great place to explore different sensory resources, from lights to sensory boards.

Lego Room

Building is lots of fun and children can use our different sized Lego to create their own towers and sky scrapers.

Real Life Experience area

In our role-play area, children can become shop keepers, police officers, bakers or anything their imagination lets them become.