Our planning is created on a monthly and weekly basis. The monthly planning consists of the developmental milestones within each child’s age range. Our qualified early year’s practitioners use these as a basic guideline towards their key children’s goals and create the weekly planning accordingly.

Observations are a key part  within the EYFS, and we ensure that these are continually implemented within our nursery. Planning is based on child specific observations, and adapted towards your child’s individual needs.

We also hold bi-yearly parents evenings, where we will discuss the new in-depth report of your child’s developmental progress and provide support towards all areas needed.

Learning Journals

Learning Journals are a creative documentation of each child’s journey within Royal Beach Nursery. Starting from their very first day and continuing right through to their last day within our care.

Within the learning journal the contents are –

  • Front cover
  • Family Page
  • About me page
  • Teacher Information
  • Observations and photographic evidence throughout the year
  • Developmental milestones for relevant age
  • Term 1 & 2 reports

Early Years foundation Stage

The prime Areas

  • Personal, Social & Emotional Development
    Making Relationships
    Self-Confidence & Self-Awareness
    Managing Feelings & Behaviour
  • Communication & Language
    Listening & Attention
    Understanding Speaking
  • Physical Development
    Moving & Handling
    Health & Self-Care


The Specific Areas

  • Literacy – Reading & Writing
  • Mathematics – Numbers, Shape, Space & Measure
  • Understanding of the World – People & Communities, The World Technology
  • Expressive Arts & Design – Exploring using Media & Materials, Being Imaginative